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This one time in 10th grade, our founder, Nick Wurz, made a video essay about John Wycliffe instead of writing a real essay about John Wycliffe. 20-something years later you’re reading the about section on the website of his post house.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, MONDIAL creates video for a variety of user experiences, from broadcast to social media. We’re like a band. A good band. One that makes you feel good when your friend in the back seat asks you who you’re listening to, but you ignore them because you want to keep it a secret… also because she ate your last twizzler.

No, you can’t book us to play your wedding, but you can book us on your next project. See what we did there?

Let’s make something fun.

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Nicola Finn - Executive Producer

Sara "Monty" Montgomery - Senior Post Producer, Business Management

Nick Wurz - Founder/Senior Editor


We are always looking to connect with new talent, locally and beyond! Send your resume, site or reel to: